The Activities of the American Women’s Association of Vienna

For almost four years, Donna Eacho, wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Austria, hosted numerous events at the ambassador’s official residence. She also served the American Women’s Association of Vienna (AWA) in her capacity as honorary president.

A nonprofit organization with more than 250 members representing over 40 countries, the AWA has enhanced the relationship between its members and the people of the host country, Austria. Created in 1924, the AWA has hosted numerous events and member gatherings.

General meetings allow the members of the AWA to coordinate activities, special events, and excursions. Among the activities offered are arts and crafts, scrapbooking, a book group, Bible study, and movie nights. In addition, every month the AWA organizes a social event, which involves members visiting a restaurant with their significant others. This type of gathering usually occurs on the last Friday of the month.